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Earth's Body, Women's Bodies
Fri, Apr 5 - Sat. Apr 6
Church of the Open Arms, Oklahoma City
TOKC Presentation: "Who's got your back? Resilience Teams Do!"
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OCCHD Community Festival
May 4, 10 - 2
Northeast Regional Health and Wellness Campus
2600 NE 63rd St. 

Fun Run * Music * Rumble * Health Screenings * "Grow Your Health" booth giving away tomato & watermelon plants

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Critical actions for local food system

On March 4, 2013, a diverse group of local food growers, entrepreneurs and advocates gathered in Oklahoma City to discuss their priorities for local food action. 

Results? Participants grouped over seventy of their ideas into seven categories: Improve regulations, Marketing, promotion and education, Develop urban agriculture, Diversity distributioin and retail options, Recruit and support new growers, and COLLABORATE!

Here is a summary of the results.  Send comments to if you missed the event and want to add your thoughts.


Going local to grow community resilience

Wondering what the future will look like - with an uncertain economic climate, volatile fossil fuel prices, and a deep dependence on oil that is getting more difficult and expensive?

Transition OKC believes that we can work together to become less dependent on imports of food and oil while building communities less vulnerable to downturns in the economy. Working together, we can build a strong local economy that keeps money local and re-circulating around our city.  Working together, we can reconnect our neighborhoods, communities and families to help each other through good times and bad.
What does Transition OKC do?

Transition OKC is a catalyst for Oklahoma City's transition to local resilience: strong, healthy, vibrant communities, sustainable local systems (food, energy, water, transportation), and resilient local economies.

Transition OKC:
  • Organizes projects to help people and communities become more resilient. 
  • Hosts networking events to connect people interested in local food, resilient economies and sustainable systems.
  • Organizes and sponsors film screenings and other events to raise awareness about energy, economic and environmental issues.
  • Offers workshops and trainings to learn skills such as gardening, solar cooking, permaculture, and rainwater harvesting.
  • Supports "going local" through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our  local resources guide, and by involving and promoting local vendors.
  • Promotes the activities of the many great organizations in the Oklahoma City area that are building community, resilience, and sustainability.
Join the momentum  
 Here are some ways to get involved. Transition OKC is for everyone - we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at:  info (at) goinglocalokc (dot) com.
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